How to Get Your Ex Back for Good

Advice to Help Win Back Your Love

Want Your Ex Girlfriend Back? Don’t Do This.

Find out how to get your ex girlfriend back. There are things that you can do and absolutely should not do.

To put it simply gentlemen, you probably only have one chance to get this right. That’s why it’s so important that you properly prepare for the encounter and fill your brain with all the knowledge you can on how to get your ex girlfriend back. All situations are different and you need to be hyper aware of the kind of situation you’re in. And more importantly hyper aware of how she perceives the situation.

Don’t for one minute think that you can’t get her back. There is no situation where these validated tips will not work. It’s all about implementing them in the right manner and at the right time. So before we move on, it is imperative that you watch the following video to ensure you know what to do and what NOT to do.

How to Make Her Want You Back No Matter What – Video

Watching that video I’m sure you are now well aware of how psychology of the mind plays into your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back.  You know her well enough, when you begin to strategize how you are going to go about getting her back, think about the circumstances from her point of view. Has she lost trust with you? Have you lost truth with her? Maybe it’s neither of those situations and it was just a matter of stagnant relationship reaching its breaking point. Whatever it was and is, you need to take special thought about how she is most likely seeing things. Put yourself in her shoes.

●          Where you’re coming from will greatly affect the approach you take, the manner in which you present yourself and the content of your message. The link on this page can help you greatly in determining what course of action works best for you.

●          So working on basic level, keep in mind that she is also experiencing the same emotional upheaval you are and also more than likely thinks she is taking the split harder than you because of the different ways men and women project their emotions. Men hash things out internally most of the time while women hash things out externally, this makes emotion easier for others to read. And let’s face it boys, it’s probably a lot easier for you to read her emotions (albeit sometimes inaccurately) than it is for her to read your emotions. So let’s the level the playing field guys, help her see what you’re feeling and where you are coming from. A good heart to heart conversation at this point, one where you go above and beyond what you have in the past in terms of sharing feelings, is a great step in the right direction.

●          You’re more  than likely going to want to meet with your ex girlfriend face to face fairly soon. However, obviously this will take some sort of communication, whether it be email, text or phone call, to set up. We highly recommend that you call her on the phone and have two plans of action one for leaving a voice mail and one for if she answers. You need to think these things out.

●          Your voice mail should be flat. Meaning it should be void of emotion, not totally void of emotion like you’re a robot but with the same emotion you would call an old acquaintance or a family member rather than an ex girlfriend. None of the scary, desperate or even angry energy you might naturally come with in this situation. Calm, cool and collected is the name. Let her know you’ve been thinking of her and would like to talk. That’s it. Hang up the phone.

●          If she answers you want to speak in a calm, steady voice. You want to see how she has been doing, you’ve been thinking about things quite a bit and just want to talk about some things, no big deal. Set up the meeting in a place that is familiar to your relationship, it will make you both more comfortable. For more tips and the nuts and bolts, proceed below.

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