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get your ex girlfriend back

Hey guys, listen up. People make mistakes all of the time. If you messed up or maybe you have no idea what happened or why you are left pondering in a daze with no girl and no answers…you’re not alone. Trust me. The good news is that it’s not too late to get her back. There are real strategies and real methods that you can use RIGHT NOW to get your girl back.

But you have to ACT FAST!

I only say this because there is a very small and limited window of opportunity that this method actually works. If you are not already too late, you might just be in luck…

Strange Trick Video – Small Window of Opportunity to Make This Work!

Hopefully after watching that you’ve learned that it is truly all about the psychology of the female. Understand this and you can have any girl you want. That’s why you see so many (clears throat) ugly dudes with hot girls. Money may help a bit, but seriously, if you understand what it is a girl wants, or wants to hear, you can easily use nothing but the gift of gab to woo that ex girlfriend right back into your life.

Make the first move to talk to her. There’s a bit more to this than simply calling her and asking her what’s up. Take the time to plan out what you want to say and when you should do it.

You don’t want to call her while she’s at work or busy doing something else. Find a time when you know, or think you might know when she’s going to be alone and not consumed with other activities.

Depending on your circumstances and what cause the break up, there is a chance that she may not answer your phone call. In this case it is okay to leave a brief message to let her know that you are thinking about her and you may try her back again. Don’t overdo the message and confess your undying love on her voicemail. And don’t continue to keep calling and blowing up her phone over and over thinking that she is going to answer! If she does, she’s probably going to tell you to piss off and hang up in your face.

K.I.S.S. Keep is simple stupid. Be brief and honest. Ask her if you can meet up to talk face to face, but make it non-committal and let her know you have no hidden agenda. Maybe just take her somewhere that she likes (or loves) to have fun and catch up.

Your goal, after giving it enough time, is to get her to go out and share another fun moment with you. In fact, it would be wise not to even communicate anything about how bad you want her back in your life on this first little get together. You just want her to know that it is possible to have fun with you and that you two share the ability to relate very well together. She will be more inclined to go out with you again if she doesn’t feel threatened or verbally attacked about your past relationship. And here is where the psychology comes into play…subconsciously she will seek more moments like this and realize that you two are, in fact, good together.

That’s the overall game plan on how to win her back. Of course there are a lot of little things that go into making this work without a hitch, but generally, if you get her to enjoy the little time you two spent together, she’s probably going to say yes next time you ask her.

The key here is to make sure that you get into her “friend zone” but not stay in this zone. After the first or second get together, it’s time to start being very open about your feelings and what you think about her. You don’t need be overly aggressive in getting her to say yes. She will do this on her own if you play your cards right.

5 Things You Should Not Do

  1. Never hit on or flirt with another girl in front of her face. This is only going to work against you and your ultimate goal of getting her back. Treat her like you would want to be treated and all will be good.
  2. Never talk over her and never talk too much about yourself. Listen more than you talk. Women love nothing more than for people to hear them out and hear all about their daily lives and day to day drama. When you talk to her, make sure you spend most of that time listening intently to what she is saying and sound very interested in what she is talking about. Ask her questions to spark dialogue, but never, never talk about yourself. It’s okay to do so when she asks. Make it brief, then turn the conversation right back to her.
  3. Don’t come off needy or desperate. Women hate this. They want a man that is independent and strong willed. There are ways you can communicate what you want without seeming needy and desperate.
  4. Don’t act without thinking first. Too many men act on instincts and try to communicate without thinking about what they are going to say first. Give it enough time to diffuse whatever situation arose, then plan out exactly what you are going to say. If you react too fast to the situation and say the wrong thing, your hope of getting her back may be lost forever.
  5. Don’t play games with her. It’s best to be open and honest and let everything out. For some men this is an impossibility but if you want a genuine and open relationship, cut the bull-shit and play it straight.

While each relationship is going to differ from case to case, for the most part, getting back with your ex girlfriend is not going to be impossible. Some girls are obviously going to be easier to win back than others. If you truly love your girl, you will do what it takes to get her back. Be patient, use all the right moves and say all the right things.

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